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100 Day Challenge update

The 100 days are past and here are my finished squares. They are arranged here in numerical order, as I made them. I plan to shuffle them around and assemble them as a whole unit. Stay tuned.


100 Day Challenge Sets # 5,6,7, and 8

I’ve been working away but not keeping pace with posting the sets. So, here are the next 4 to try to catch up a bit.

Set # 5

Set # 6

Set # 7

Set # 8

100 Day Challenge set #4

Here is set 4.

Here are all of them so far together (in numerical order).

I am enjoying this improvisational way of creating. The strips and snippets on my cutting table often inspire what I do next. And when I’m out of ideas, I consult a notebook of little sketches I’ve made to get started again.

100 Day Challenge Set #3

Set #3.

And here they are all together so far.

100 Day Challenge set #2


Here is set #2.  I’m transitioning to different colors in my selected palette, gradually using them all. Continue reading ‘100 Day Challenge set #2’

It’s snowing…. again! And 100 Day Challenge week #1

Well, here it is, snowing again. Spring is on the way but this is Vermont and Spring really won’t arrive until May. I know it’s coming because the buds on the trees are swelling just a bit, I’ve seen robins (I don’t know what they’re eating but they are here) and the goldfinches at the feeder are “yellowing up”. The chickadees are singing their spring song and the mourning doves are “mourning”. The maple trees are yielding their precious sap as well, but that will be another post. And then there’s this snow.

I’m back in the studio getting my fill of color and I know last time I mentioned I’d let you know what I’m up to. I’ve started a 100 day challenge. The idea is to make or do something every day for 100 days. The rules are pretty loose and I’ve adapted the project to suit the way I work and to accommodate what’s on the horizon in my life. With that in mind, my goal is to make 100 little improvisationally pieced blocks in about 100 days, give or take a few. I’ve chosen a color palette from some fabrics I hand dyed a number of years ago and you will be able to see some definite trends and related ideas in groups of pieces or from one set to another. I hope to post 7 pieces weekly and here are the first seven. They are raw, unfinished blocks, all pieced with straight lines and cut to about 4.5″ square.



Winter has been, um ….vigorous of late in New England this March.  We’ve had four major storms in just two weeks that have dumped a boatload of snow.  The ski areas are thrilled and thriving.  We have managed to keep up with the clearing but are running out of places to put all that wonderful whiteness.

Looking outside, I’m feeling the need for color.  Here is a glimpse of my cutting table today.  There’s no sunshine outside, but there’s sunshine for the soul inside.


Next week I’ll show you what I’m up to.  Thanks for coming by.


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