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Gallery Invitation

The yarn store where I volunteer, Six Loose Ladies puts up a display periodically in one of the Vermont Welcome Centers.  Most of the displays are yarn and yarn related products, but because we celebrate fiber of all kinds, the store also carries some paper and fabric items.  I have several of my framed fabric postcards for sale in the shop.  In this particular display, someone suggested we take one of my fabric postcards to put in the case.  Apparently a local gallery also had a display case next to ours and as our person was retrieving our items, the gallery rep fell in love with my postcard and invited me to submit my work to them.

The short story is that I jumped through the appropriate hoops and my work was accepted for sale in the gallery.  How nice to have recognition outside of the normal art quilt circles.  Here are a few of the new ones on display either at the The Gallery at the Vault or Six Loose Ladies.

Mountain Vistas #31 IMG_6893 IMG_6903 IMG_7054 (1)


Josiah’s Quilt

How is it that time passes by so quickly?  Josiah was born way back in 2013 and I’m just getting around to making him a quilt!  I saw a bright, fresh design with stars that someone posted on Facebook.  I thought I could make the stars into sunflowers and use the same African fabrics I used for Nathaniel’s quilt a few years ago.

Because I had used up some of the fabrics and others hadn’t held up well with washing, I needed to add to those I had previously used.  The back was pieced with larger strips of the same fabrics that are on the front and I made an additional sunflower for the label which is pieced on the back.  For some reason I never took photos after it was pieced and quilted but you can get the idea of what it looks like from the pieces pinned to the design wall.  The plan is for it to be a 2nd birthday present when we go to visit Josiah’s family in November.  I hope he likes it.

Josiah's quilt frontJosiah's quilt back

Josiah's quilt label


Each year I make valentines for my children and grandchildren. Somehow I sent most of them away before I remembered to photograph them.  I hate when that happens!  This year’s were a little different than previous ones.  They are made by trapping bits of fabric and paper between layers of tulle with sewing, then couching fancy threads around the outside.  Here are the few I have left.Valentines 2015

Giant Marbles

These were really fun to make and they lasted a long time before melting slowly away.  You can make them yourself.  You need water balloons, water, food coloring, freezer or some good stiff winter.  Fill the balloons with water.  Add food coloring.  Tie and let freeze solid.  Break the balloon and peel it off.
giant ice marbles

More Animals for the Ark

Longtime readers may remember the ark I was making for our grandkids.  This has been a long project but I have been steadily working away at the rest of the animals and Mr Noah.  Here are the rest of the inhabitants.  Mr Noah somehow seems to have set aside his work apron and rain gear.  He did, however escort these animals to join their friends on the ark.  (My daughter Ellen made the elephants.)


dove and ravenalligatorstigers


zebrasMr Noah


We get a lot of snow in Vermont.  Usually we are just moving it around so we can get where we need to go.  Sometimes we use it for sledding or skiing or other fun play.  Sometimes we build snowmen.  And when you have lots of snow, why not build a giant snowman?

We started with a large pile of snow.  A tractor and hand tools helped finish the job.

Step one - large pilestep 2 - mid section

step 3 - headstep 4 - shape


Do you like leftovers?  Do you use them or throw them away?  I hate to throw away good stuff, food or otherwise.  In the studio, sometimes I get to the end of a project and have a few little leftover bits of pieced or collaged fabric.  These bits generally go into the scrap pile and I try to think of ways to use them.  In the past they’ve become test pieces for quilting or stitching; I’ve made coasters or used the bits in fabric postcards.

Recently I came across some pieced snippets leftover from one of my leaf projects.  Surely I could make more leaves out of them.  Were they big enough?  The right shape?  After some trial and error and brain gymnastics I came up with these small 3″ square leaf sections.  I decided they’d look just fine set with sashing.  Here I’m trying to get an idea of what that might look like.

leftover leaf snippets

Here is the finished piece.



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