Can Spring be all that far away?

The weatherman says Spring has come, meteorologically speaking: Officially, in the weather world, Spring arrived on March 1st.  And according to the astronomic calendar, Spring is less than three weeks away.  But somehow, the sub-zero temperatures and the snow cover here in Vermont do not indicate either of those scenarios are true.  Don’t get me wrong, we know better than to be drawn in.  Spring in Vermont is long in coming.  After all, we have sugaring season and mud season to go through yet.  The snow cover is good for sugaring and mud season is a necessary evil to thaw the ground.  Then we will have glorious Spring! because God is faithful.

fabric origami butterflyIn the meantime…  The other day I encountered a friend who was making origami butterflies to celebrate far-off Spring.  She was making a whole bunch of them for a window display, using beautifully patterned scrapbooking papers and I was captivated.  I asked her to show me how to make them – they were quick and easy – and I wondered aloud how they would look done in fabric.  After some discussion and encouragement, I headed home, taking my new little scrap paper butterfly with me.

fabric origami butterfliesIn the studio, I got out some fabric scraps and after a few less-than-satisfactory endeavors, I made one that I thought would work.  It was made from a piece of beautiful green hand-dyed sheeting.  You probably know the drill for me if you’ve read here for a while: one is never enough!  So I got out more hand-dyed fabric.  Then I decided I needed a better variety of colors to hang from my dining room chandelier once the snowflakes come down.  Looking through my resources I found a tiny scrap of dotted fabric.  How would that work up?  Lovely, it turns out.  So I took a picture of the whole lot and sent it to my daughter.  Her comment?  “You need to make more patterned ones!”

fabric origami butterflyUncle!  In all I made 18: ten for me, my prototype for a friend (it’s her favorite color), and seven for a stealth flight to Maryland (where spring actually comes on time according to the calendar).  18!  Until yesterday.  Then I had another thought:  Could I make one where the top and bottom wings were two different colors?  Yes, I could.  This one is for my origami-folding friend.

Maybe Spring is not so far away after all.  Take a deep breath…


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