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Would you be mine?

Yes, I know.  Valentine’s Day was last week.  But for some reason, some of my valentines to the grands were rather delayed, arriving only yesterday.  I’m blaming it on the bad weather we’ve had here on the east coast of late and bags of mail that have been sitting somewhere until they could be sorted and delivered.  In any event, here they all are, with their sentiments delivered.









And because two of them were so late in arriving, I remade them and sent them again.  Don’t you know that the first ones arrived the same day I posted the replacements!  Those lucky grands get two.

J remake N remake


A New Visitor

We had a new bird (for us) at the feeder today.  A little research identified it as a snow bunting.  We managed a few pictures before it flew off.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I’ve added it to my life list.

snow bunting

snow bunting

snow bunting


x country skiingRecently we were invited by friends for a cross country ski outing.  It has been several years since we have used our cross country skis and we thought it would be prudent to take a trial run before embarrassing ourselves in front of our friends.  Our first attempt was to venture into our woods where we’ve cleared a path for sugaring.  It was virgin snow, and oh my, what a disaster!  The snow was so deep and we struggled a good bit.  I threw in the towel after 2 falls but knew how important it is to “get back on the horse” as it were.  So later that afternoon we agreed to meet our friends.

The trail they had in mind was flat and easy, which was good because we were so rusty.  This time turned out to be much more pleasant since the snow was packed down by snow mobiles and when we ventured off the trail, one of our friends led the way.

x country skiingR&L

The woods were beautiful and along with people tracks, we saw evidence of wildlife as we made our way along.

There were deer tracks

deer tracks

and deer mouse tracks

deer mouse tracks

and this beautiful bird print.

bird print

I love how the snow reveals the presence of wildlife.

Brr, it’s cold outside!

It has been a cold winter, not just here in Vermont but in many places across the United States.  Our tendency is to stay inside but there are wonders to be seen outdoors.

During a recent cold snap, I decided to try my hand at photographing bubbles.  Remember those containers of soap with the little wand from your childhood?  Those were just the ticket.  And those below zero temps?  Perfect!  Here are my attempts to catch the beautiful crystals forming as the bubbles froze within seconds of being exposed to the frigid air.

frozen soap bubbles 2frozen soap bubbles 3frozen soap bubbles 4frozen soap bubbles 5frozen soap bubbles 1

Even after the bubbles popped, the frozen shells were quite interesting.  Check out this site for more information and other links.

We had half a foot of snow today.  The snow cover has a way of making nature look dormant, like all is asleep underneath.  Our maple trees are resting now but soon the sap will be flowing.  This was the sugar house tableau today, snug under frilly-edged white blankets.

sugar house

These beauties are certainly not dormant.  I love when the evening grosbeaks come around to the feeders in winter.  They add much needed color to our neutral landscape.

evening grosbeaks

Now let’s go inside and get warm.


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