Celebrating Yellow

Our yard is filled with yellow these days.  The gardens are in full bloom and much of that is sunny yellow:

Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lily

Banks of yellow day lilies

Day Lilies

and Moon Beam Coreopsis.

Moon Beam Coreopsis

In additions to flowers, with all the rain we’ve had lately, I’ve noticed an amazing fungus growing on the mulch.  The bright yellow stage lasts for just a few hours before it deteriorates to tan and brown.

Yellow fungusyellow fungus

But perhaps the most amazing yellow in our garden has been this little masked fellow.  All summer long we have been serenaded by this sweet little Common Yellowthroat.  His “witchety witchety witchety” song fills the air during daylight hours.  They normally live in marshy areas but perhaps our neighborhood qualifies now because of all the rain.  We enticed him to come closer by playing a recording of his song on my phone app. (It seems they are quite territorial!)  What a treat to see him up close and personal and he gave us quite a show.  Check out this site for a video of one singing and additional information.

Common Yellowthroat

Wishing you sunshine, whether the sun is out or not!


2 Responses to “Celebrating Yellow”

  1. 2 David July 23, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Nice Ma! Love that the bird responded to your iphone 🙂 And that fungus is pretty cool. Would be neat to see a time-lapse of the changes.

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