Snippets of Spring

Spring in Vermont means many different things.  We can have snow when it seems to be getting warmer.  Mud season is an interesting time as the ground thaws and the snow melts.  And of course, the emergence of tiny new growth is so very welcome.

Let’s start with the snow.  We had several small late snowfalls.  What good is a dusting, you ask?  It sure lets you know what wild life has been in the area.  As we went into the woods to collect sap, we found many fresh footprints much smaller than ours.  There were little red squirrels that live here year round,

red squirrel prints

wild turkeys that also live here all year,

Wild Turkey prints

and flocks of migrating redpolls that swarmed the feeders, especially when the flakes were swirling.

redpoll printsredpoll prints

Mud season is always an adventure and often our cars are covered with mud as we schlep up and down our dirt road.  At one point we parked the car out in the driveway so the rain could wash away some of the muck.  It was a good idea but not terribly effective.  What it did do however, was make amazing art on the side of my car.  Kind of looks like snow covered evergreens in sepia tones, don’t you think?  How lovely!

mud art

And just recently, the weather has warmed sufficiently and the huge mounds of snow have retreated so that the early bulbs can push up through the winter detritus and share their lovely colors.


Yes, we’ve finally seen robins and just yesterday heard our first peepers.  Our sap buckets are down, sugaring finished, and we can’t wait to see the beauty of Spring!  Bring it on!


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