It’s That Time of Year Again – Part 3

We’ve finally had some warmer sunny weather and we’ve been collecting sap for several days now. Each day we trudge out into the sugar bush with our trusty 5 gallon pails in hand.  We head to the farthest out buckets first and work our way back to the house.  It’s pretty simple really: remove the lid, dump the sap into the collecting pail, rehang the bucket (and take a moment to enjoy the sweet ping ping into the bottom), then move on to the next one.  We have hung 32 buckets and so far the two of us have been able to haul out all the sap in one trip.  When the sap really flows, it’ll take another trip or two.

collecting saptoting sap back to the sugar house

So far we’ve collected just shy of 45 gallons.  That’s almost enough for one gallon of sweet goodness!

We started boiling today.  This is the first sap for us in our new set-up and it is so exciting to see it in operation.  The air inside the sugar house is heavy with the sweetness soon to come.

Cupola letting out steam

the comforts of "home"

We’ll be finishing our boiled down sap later.  Stay tuned.


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