I’m Here!

Dear faithful readers, perhaps some of you are like my friend Colleen who wonders where in the world I’ve disappeared to. I’m here. Really.

It is a sad commentary that it has been nearly two months since my last post. It isn’t because I haven’t done anything, just that I haven’t taken the time to let you know about it. So, in this post and the next several ones I hope to rectify that.

Let’s start with the holidays. We had a wonderful time with family – visiting, sharing good food and enjoying the great outdoors. One of our neighbors has a sizable tractor collection and runs his own earth moving business. SinceNathaniel LOVES all things tractor/ digger/ construction vehicle, we stopped by one day to ask permission to wander among the wonderful machines and try on a few for size. You can tell by the big smile that the little man is ready to take this vintage red number out for a spin.

Nathaniel on Mr Tucker's tractor

We wandered out into the woods on snow shoes to find tree gnomes keeping watch in the silence,

tree gnomes

and the snow was absolutely perfect for sledding. The runs were long and quick. We all had a grand time, including the dog.

SleddingEllen, Nathaniel and Monte

After our adventures, the antler chandelier in the mud room was just right for hanging snowy gear.

snow gear
This last image is from my walk one day. Most of the photos I took with my phone on that outing were of snow drifts along the road, but somehow I snapped this one too. I’m still trying to figure out how I did it.

view toward Okemo Mountain


2 Responses to “I’m Here!”

  1. 1 colleenkole February 15, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    WELL, that feels better knowing you have been having a great time. He is getting so big and a very cute little man. Thanks for sharing again:).

  2. 2 Sharon February 19, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    I figured you’d given up on the blog in favor of other pursuits! (I knew all must be well when I got the emails re: the recipe!) I had a friend recently see the blue/white mini quilt you made to remember Sandy’s quilt and was fondly recalling that time in life. Honored to call you friend!

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