Leaf Prints in the Road

I’m still walking and enjoying what I find in the road.  As the leaves have fallen, I’ve watched some lovely prints being made.  Here’s the process as best I can figure:

First you need leaves on the substrate (gravel road).  Add a little moisture to adhere the leaves to the surface and flatten them out.  Add some light traffic.  This will press out the pigments into the substrate and make a good firm impression.

Allow the substrate to dry out so the leaves disintegrate and blow away.

Enjoy the lovely print that is left behind.

This can be done with twigs, pine needles and any kind of leaves, though some make better prints than others.

I also found some lovely reverse resist prints on the pavement.  These are made after it rains, as the small particles accumulate under the leaves that stick to the road.  All other sand is washed away in the storm, but as the leaves dry and blow away, they leave a lovely print.

And here’s a bonus: This little green frog was in the road the other day.  He was a long way from water but since they can often be found among rotting debris, I guess he was managing ok.  I’m not really sure why he made his way here but I scooted him into the grass where there was some moisture and hopefully a haven for the coming winter.


1 Response to “Leaf Prints in the Road”

  1. 1 Sue November 13, 2012 at 7:59 am

    I so enjoy your “natural ” blogs. Your view of our beautiful world is refreshing and entertaining and educational and you make me miss the seasonal changes.

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