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Where the wild things are (and the not so wild)

I am always amazed by the little natural things that I stumble upon.  They draw me in, capture my attention, and cause me to praise the Creator.  Here are a few inspirations that I’ve found this week:

Diascia blooming in the deck pots

Brand new little spiders

Alium bloom with a friend

The primary bread winner for the family of bluebirds nesting in one of our boxes

One of our regular summer guests – a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

We had a bear in the yard yesterday – no pictures but he decimated one of our bird nesting boxes.  I don’t think there were eggs in it but I’m wondering if he was after bugs.  We also have a little garter snake lurking about the back steps.  I haven’t personally seen him yet but I’ve heard he is likely to be out in the morning early while I’m still in bed.  And I saw one of these today in the dwarf rhododendrons under the mud room windows.  What a treat!  I’ve never seen one before and I can add it to my life list.


More Spring Things

A beautiful peony from our daughter’s garden.  Peonies always make me think of my mom. (photo by Ellen Porter)

A special visitor spotted at the base of the weeping crab apple tree.  We usually see at least one Luna moth each year.  This one looked brand new.

Baby foxes in a neighbor’s culvert.  There are three of them and they really put on a show.  It was a privilege to see them and get a few photos.  (photo by James Croswell)

And finally, another leaf in the studio. Beautiful Ti plants grow well in tropical places and come in a wide variety of beautiful colors.


Spring has come early here in New England.  We haven’t had snow on the ground now for many weeks; we mowed for the first time yesterday – all of this several weeks ahead of schedule.

New little leaves are appearing on the trees.  Even the oaks which are normally the last to leaf out are budding.  The spring colors are glorious, a tiny glimpse of autumn splendor.  And while the trees are swelling with the warmer temperatures, I am in my studio making…. leaves!

Many months ago I signed up for an online class with Lisa Call to learn more about working in a series.  This is something that “everyone” says artists should be doing.  It’s a good way to develop one’s voice and a cohesive body of work.  It is something I have always thought would be boring.  So I thought I may be missing something and decided to find out.

When the 8 week class finally started, our first assignment was to choose a subject, with narrowed parameters that would define our series.  It was hard to close so many doors and commit to working in such a specific area, but liberating at the same time.  If it didn’t fit my definition, I didn’t do it.  I’m still in the middle of class – 3 of 5 assignments finished or nearly so.  Each assignment has focused on different design principles, helping me to see different directions for series development.  Any of these ideas may be explored further and I’m keeping a list of possibilities for later, once the workshop is over.  Here is what spring has brought to my studio:


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