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All snow is not created equal

In the last post I mentioned two storms we got back to back.  When our snow challenged children hear that we are getting snow, they often ask for a snowman.  We try to oblige and send along pictures.  The first of our storms was no exception – “Please build me a snowman”.  So we tried.  But it was so cold and the snow was so powdery that the best we could do was to make three ice balls by holding them in our hands so the outside melted a little and they would hold their shape.  Then we built a tiny snow midget that stood on our deck railing.  The snow we had last night was totally different.  The conditions were much warmer and the snow much stickier – perfect for rolling the large balls needed to make a life sized snowman.  Even though we weren’t asked to, we made a snowman after we finished digging out this morning – just because we could.  And of course we shared him with our family in warmer climes.  And here they both are for you too.


Winter and Evening Grosbeaks

So far, this winter has been unusually warm and any significant snow that has fallen has been quickly washed away by warm temps and heavy rain.  We managed to retain a thin snow cover because of our elevation, but there was plenty of grass showing down in town.  Now that March has arrived, Winter has finally shown its face.  Thursday we had 13+ inches and then overnight another 3-4 followed by freezing rain.

And with the winter came the birds.  I had been thinking there was something wrong with the seed we bought.  Yes, we had woodpeckers coming to the suet cakes but even there we were missing the nuthatches that normally come.  With our snow on Thursday came 4 beautiful evening grosbeaks and the red-bellied woodpecker.  The nuthatches are back and we’re seeing many more of our normal avian friends.  I’m glad; I’ve missed them.


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