Dye workshop

Recently I took a natural dyeing workshop through Six Loose Ladies yarn shop.  We brought in Nancy Zeller of Long Ridge Farm in New Hampshire.  The dyes we used were Earthues dyes which are extracts of natural vegetation and insects.  This was a boiling method (as opposed to other dyeing I have done in the microwave and cold batching) and we had 4 stations, each station making two colors.  When we were done, we each came home with eight skeins.

Batch one used osage orange and weld for a nice yellow, and added logwood grey for an olive green.  Batch two used pomegranate and osage orange for a golden beige and added madder for a lovely rusty orange.  Batch three used logwood grey for a soft gray and added logwood purple, yielding blueberry.  And batch four used Lac (a bug extract) for a beautiful purple-y pink and added logwood gray for a deeper purple.

Nancy was energetic and knowledgeable and a good time was had by all.


1 Response to “Dye workshop”

  1. 1 Patricia Jane September 29, 2011 at 11:01 am

    I may have to see if we can sell our house and move closer to Six Loose Ladies! This looks like so very much fun. The colors are beautiful! Am wondering what you’re going to make with all these skeins – nice winter projects!

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