An Uninvited Guest

Irene came to town this weekend.  She roared up the east coast, generally made a mess of things and left us stranded high and dry.  We in Vermont are not used to these sorts of visits.  Oh sure, we get Nor’easters but not hurricanes, and huge, slow moving ones at that.

I think most folks thought that it wouldn’t be too bad because Irene would be downgraded by the time she got to us.  But the big problem in Vermont is that all the mountains funnel water down into streams that run through picturesque towns, most of which can’t handle such overwhelming volumes of rain run-off.  The southern half of Vermont seems hardest hit and many towns are totally isolated now with roads (both dirt and macadam) and entire bridges washed away (read article and watch bridge video here).  Ambulances can’t get to area hospitals, electric repair crews can’t find trouble spots let alone repair them, and don’t even think about mail delivery.  We are fine, high and dry on our little mountain, one car safely stowed in town because we could not navigate the road home from church, the other one safely in the garage because we can’t navigate the road to town.  There isn’t much to go into town for anyway.  The only grocery store and pharmacy were flooded with several feet of water and many other businesses that back the Black River are also damaged by flood waters (see video here).  So we are enjoying the sunshine, blue sky dotted with puffy clouds, and the beautiful mountain vistas; counting our blessings and praying for our our many friends and neighbors who are struggling so much more than we.

Our impassable road:


3 Responses to “An Uninvited Guest”

  1. 1 Patricia Jane August 29, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Oh my word!! Looks like you’re going nowhere for awhile. I was thinking of you through this, knowing you were in the area that was hit so hard. Hoping now this will get fixed somehow so you can get back to normal soon. Hang in there! And hoping also that your home is completely safe and secure.

  2. 2 Colleen Kole August 29, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Oh my goodness. I showed Marc the photos and he couldn’t believe it either!!! Looks like it might be awhile so will pray for patience. it might be good you have cars in both locations so then you can get out when town dries out. Life is just a very large adventure, isn’t it?

    • 3 Lynne August 29, 2011 at 8:09 pm

      The town is hiring local contractors to fix some of the impassable roads. Work on ours has commenced so there is some hope of getting off our hill sooner than later. We were pleased to get power back today but there is little access in and out of Ludlow – so many roads closed that it’s crazy.
      Ludlow made the weather channel and the national news. Who’d a thunk?

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