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Roots, Flowers and ….

So here I am again, surfacing from the throes of summer.  It’s not all what you think.  Sure wish it were all fun in the sun and too busy to blog.  Hmmm.

We did spend two weeks in Hawaii.  Our little grandson turned one and we were invited out for the big celebration that is customary there.  It had been a long time since we had seen him and they change so much at this age.  It took a little while for him to warm up to us just like we expected, even though we had spent lots of time on skype and face time with him.  It’s just not the same but helped none the less. We learned to “Sing, Hoot and Howl”, played lots of peek-a-boo and built countless Lego creations.  We went for walks at the mall, sang lots of silly songs… and loved every minute of it.

Of course, while we were there, we took our regular morning walks.  I noticed roots this time, lots of different kinds that aren’t necessarily underground.  This large Banyan tree drops roots down from the branches that eventually secure themselves into the dirt below.  These two palm species also captured my attention, one with bold and graphic roots and one with subtle almost hidden roots.  As always, we saw lots of variety and beauty.

The floral department was no different.  I know I’ve photographed lots of flowers before but I was captivated by these two, one for it’s luminosity and the other for it’s variety.  The red ginger plant grows prolifically and the flowers are stunning.  Gerbera daisies also grow very well year round in Hawaii.  We have to buy them in pots and plant them as annuals in the Northeast; our son grows them in his garden.  This yellow variety we found on one of our walks was different than others I have seen.  The leaves were indented and rough and the flower much more chrysanthemum like.  Lovely, isn’t it?

This last photo… can you guess?  I loved the texture and distortion.  Part of a delightful afternoon.

The rest of my summer so far has been taken up with wedding plans and wedding fun.  Oh, and pneumonia.



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