Waiting for the sunshine

The lobed leaves of the Blood Root are still beautiful long after the delicate white flowers have faded.  These are showing off the water droplets quite nicely; it looks like little jewels strewn across the surface.  Soon the leaves will recede and the Rudbeckia will take over for the fall show season.

Our lilac blooms are finally ready to pop open and I suspect they are waiting for the sunshine.  Already the bees have been visiting and the hint of their sweet fragrance is in the air.  Our bushes are located right next to the screened porch where we take some refuge from the black flies.  It is a prime spot for breathing deeply.  I passed these white ones in full bloom the other day when I walked into town.  It is amazing to me how different our climate is due to our elevation.  These are growing only two miles away, down hill.


1 Response to “Waiting for the sunshine”

  1. 1 Patricia Jane June 13, 2011 at 5:45 am

    So THAT’S what Blood root looks like! There’s a book with that name that I read and I didn’t have a good picture in my mind of what the plant was like. The foliage is beautiful. Reminds me of coral bells somewhat. Your lilacs are ELEGANT! Ours are long gone, and nothing as beautiful as yours! Hoping to see you soon!

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