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Patience pays off – 2 counts

#1 : Spring will triumph.  We know that is true.  It just was hard to believe two days ago when we got over an inch of heavy wet snow.  All of a sudden, everything was white again.  BUT today it is all gone thanks to some rain and 50 degree temps and the hardy little crocuses are blooming their hearts out.  What a sight for sore eyes, a burst of vigorous color among the detritus of winter.

#2 : Way back in November I noticed a flower shoot on one of my dormant orchid plants (lower right hand corner of first picture).  Oh good, I thought, orchids for the holidays!  NOT.  The buds have taken their good old time to develop and bloom.  Finally, after almost 6 months of waiting, the first bloom is almost fully open.  There are 5 buds and I’m hoping for beautiful blooms through the summer.


As I sit looking out the window, even now, I am sure that spring will come… soon… maybe… for sure.  We still have a good foot of snow covering the ground (all of it) and snow flakes are swirling by.  This is crazy, she says.  It is April after all.  But it’s true.

And we are still sugaring.  Sap ran for a little while way back in February.  Then it got cold… for a long time.  The past several weeks have been perfect weather for sugaring – two seasons in one.  So we’re still trekking up into the woods, five gallon collection pails in hand, emptying the tree buckets, hauling the sap to our friends’ sugar house to distill sap into liquid gold.


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