Week #5 – still on location

Week #5 is a free draw week.  (Actually, the lesson includes directions for a nice little box and some accordion journals to make.  I’ll have to wait on those until I have the needed supplies on hand.)  I’m not very free to traipse around looking for interesting stuff to paint since we are still helping with the care of our new little grandson, but there are plenty of interesting subjects right here at home.  We took a walk the other day when it was a balmy 68 degrees and I was admiring the many different kinds of lamp posts in the neighborhood.  Yesterday was a sunny but chilly day – yes, winter is back – and I took advantage of the nice weather to sketch the lamp posts I could see from the front yard.  I sketched and inked them but then  ran out of daylight and had to paint them today which is very overcast and damp (freezing rain and snow on the way).  With all the colors so gray, it was difficult to see the highlights but I tried to remember where the sun and shadows were. It’s amazing to me how the addition of the little boxes around two of the lamps really helps to give them presence and to unify the page.  It looked so empty without them.


1 Response to “Week #5 – still on location”

  1. 1 David February 21, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Nice Ma 🙂

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