Still week 3 but I’m not sketching at a museum

I’ve been down with a heavy cold and really not up for going to a museum to sketch.  Instead, I chose to work where I was, with the emphasis on sketching on location rather than on subject matter.  The first one is of  little odds and ends at home.  The second is of chairs in doctor waiting rooms.  The third is at Borders while I passed the time waiting for yet another appointment.

We’ve been encouraged to use a wash of color behind our drawings to warm and unify the page.  I haven’t been doing this because this needs to be done ahead of time and I usually think about it after I’ve already drawn something.  So last night, as I was admiring a fellow student’s beautiful washes, I made myself stop right away and prepare two pages for today.  I chose a soft golden yellow for one and a light green for the other.  They are very hard to see in the photos posted here – perhaps because they are too light or because of my pitiful photography.

We are also encouraged to draw directly to pen, no pencil sketch first.  I was reluctant to try that with the chairs but did “go for it” at Borders.  Things are a little quirky, partly because it is hard to alter a pen mark after it is done, partly because I was working in my lap on a soft comfy couch, and partly because I had just gotten a cortisone injection in the thumb joint on my drawing hand and it hurt to hold the pen.  Oh the things we do for art.

All three of these drawings are done with water soluble pen.  Then, using a brush with just water, the lines are blurred to allow for shading to create dimension.  It is a fun and quick way to draw but there is a bit of a learning curve.  You can  see I’m still learning.


1 Response to “Still week 3 but I’m not sketching at a museum”

  1. 1 Colleen Kole February 9, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    I really like to subtle wash. oh no-not your drawing hand? Too much knitting?

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