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On site at the coffee shop #2

I went to Crow’s Corner bakery for lunch this time.  I didn’t really want to paint more food, so I chose a window and started a bent wood cafe chair.  The window was completed on site but I ran out of time for the chair.  I took me too long to get the proportions right so I had to finish at home.


Week 2 – sketching on location at a coffee shop

James and I went to Java Baba’s, a great little coffee/lunch spot in Ludlow, VT for the sole purpose of sketching on location.  The assignment was to buy a drink and something to eat, and to draw what you bought.  James had coffee, I had tea and even though the goodies were so tempting, I settled on a Vermont-made dog biscuit – something I wasn’t supposed to eat – to bring home to Monte.

This assignment was a bit daunting since I usually paint in the evening when the house is quiet.  To do the work on location, I need to go when places are open – during the day.  It was hard to settle down and relax enough to paint when there was so much going on around me and such a long to-do list for the day.  But I managed and I’m pleased with the out-put.


More Keys

Here is set number two, just in time to get a new lesson tomorrow.

Another sketching class

I’ve signed up for another 6 week Sketchbook and Watercolor class with Jane LaFazio and I’ll be sharing my paintings with you here.  This is an online class and the objective of this one is to paint on location.  That means little excursions to coffee shops, museums, zoos, parks, arboretums and the like.  This will be a stretch for me since I generally draw and paint at night when my life has settled down and there are fewer distractions and competition for my attention.  It will also be a stretch since most of that stuff isn’t nearby where I live in rural Vermont.  And I sure hope it warms up from our below zero temps before we get to the out door assignment.  Guess I’ll have to be creative.

Week one’s subject is keys.  I chose a collection of clock keys for my first page.

Knitting projects

I have finally finished two projects that were in my knitting queue.  These were supposed to be Christmas presents but were slightly tardy, one because I was procrastinating difficult and/or new things and the other because I ended up remaking it for fit.

The first is a sweater made of cotton and hemp for our little grandson in Hawaii.  Hopefully by now it has arrived at its destination. (Too bad I forgot to get a good photo before I sealed it up in the box.  Here it is being blocked.)

The second is a hat (Pastaza Hats pattern by Cascade yarns) for my friend Jenna.  The original (left) was way too big and very pointy.  I remade a smaller size and eliminated nearly 30 rows of pointiness.  It fits just right.

It sure feels good to finish things.

It’s about time!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this space.  I’ll bet you, dear reader are as tired as I am of seeing the same picture when you check in here.  So finally, I’m doing something about it.  Yay!

A number of months ago I heard about a sketchbook project and decided to join.  I chose a theme – “I am a Scavenger” – and set about filling it up with ephemera that have been accumulating in a drawer for some time.  Included are pieces of paper (mostly) that were too pretty or interesting to throw away, even though they were too small to use for anything.  I’ve included some original drawings too, but it contains mostly collage pieces.  Below are thumbnails of the pages in the order they appear.  All the sketchbooks are part of a traveling exhibit.  Check their website for when the exhibit will be in a city near you.


Art Every Day Month



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