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Week 6 – Machine made objects

This has been a very busy week filled with family visits and traveling for Thanksgiving.  I haven’t had much time to paint but I managed one painting before we left and one while we were away.  The idea with machine made objects is to be able to portray symmetry.  Often it is fairly easy to get one side of an object drawn correctly but the other side is difficult to match.

For this one I chose a bowl from a local potter – hand made but on a wheel so I thought that would qualify as a machine – and a bottle of liquid – a challenge.

This second one is of little ceramic boxes given to my daughter.  Ellen and I have a little tradition when Valentines Day comes around.  We search through the bag of conversation hearts for the ones that say “Hug Me”.  We give them to each other in exchange for a hug.  The other hearts get eaten, the “Hug Me ” ones get traded.  How wonderful is that?


One last shoe for lesson 5

Camouflage Muck boots:

A pair of boots this time

I really wanted to take another crack at those work boots.  You couldn’t tell, because I didn’t post a picture of the actual boot, that the proportions were slightly off.  It was the tyranny of the 5×7 format, my wanting to not run off the top of the page and a few other things that kept me from obsessing.  But the perfectionist that I am really wanted the boots to look right.  So here they are.  I chose to draw the pair but only to paint one.  We’ll see if I go back and paint it later, but for now it is what it is.   The border and title are in pencil only because I have plans to do two companion pieces and give them to my son – they’re his boots after all.  I want to try his hitch (boots/pants/suspenders) as it sits ready for action and his helmet, and I’d like the borders to go together.  We’ll see how it works out.

Another shoe

This is one of James’ work boots.  We were encouraged to use a water soluble pen for this exercise and it worked very well for painting.  I did add some black paint for some of the areas of shadow and red for the colored lining, but most of it is just the pen.  Very fun.

New lesson for the week – Shoes

Thursday is the day we get our new lesson for the online class I’m taking with Jane LaFazio, Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style through  This week is about shoes so that’s what I’ll be posting.  Here is my first attempt.  We were supposed to use a water-soluble pen but I couldn’t get the one I used to bleed.  I need to go shopping tomorrow and hope I can find one.  Where are all the Flairs when you need them?!

The last flowers for Lesson #4

Gerbera Daisies… a lovely pot of red orange blooms.


Still on lesson #4 of the Sketching and Watercolor, Journal Style class with Jane LaFazio, I borrowed another plant from my friend Bev.  Streptocarpus, which means “twisted fruit”, is a native of Africa and Madagascar (hmmm… seems I misspelled Madagascar on my page.  So much for proof reading.).  You can read more about it here.

Update:  Oh, the wonders of photoshop.  Madagascar is spelled correctly here now.  Sure wish it were correct on the original.


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