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Lesson 3 – Continuous line drawing directly to ink

This week’s journal sketching exercise is continuous contour drawing in ink (as in don’t lift the pen before it’s done) without a pencil sketch first.  I find I’m making many practice sketches on plain paper before I try it on watercolor paper.  But so far, after much procrastination I have done two pages.  Here they are without much fanfare.  They are interesting and loose, which I guess is the object of the lesson.  I definitely need practice doing this.


Last of the leaves

Here is the last page of leaves.  A new lesson comes out today.

Lesson 2 – still more leaves

Even though it is deep Fall here and there are almost no leaves on the trees, it is amazing how much green stuff there still is out there.  I guess until it is all covered with snow, I’ll have at least something to choose from. And then there are always evergreens – not sure I really want to paint needles… but I’ve done it before, so who knows.  I hope that by the time we get that kind of snow, I won’t still be looking for green leaves.

So here is my third sheet of leaves.  These sketches are meant to be just that: quick sketches, quickly painted, finished in about an hour or so.  This technique is for journaling from real life subjects, preferably outdoors.  But I heard that next week is flowers – hmmmm – not much outside.  Maybe I can rationalize buying an orchid in bloom.  Or maybe I’ll take a stool to Home Depot and hang out for a while.  Would they frown on that?  We’ll see when the next lesson is published on Thursday.

Week 2 – more leaves

We had snow overnight, just a half inch or so.  I was thinking there wouldn’t be much out there worth painting, but I found some good stuff.  I think I need to choose bigger, simpler leaves for the next one.


Jane gave me some suggestions on how to get the African Violet leaf to “read” better.  I removed some paint (both green and brown) to make the curled up edge come forward and it no longer looks so flat, a big improvement for such a little thing.  This image was scanned rather than photographed, hence the color and focus differences.

Week 2 – leaves

I’m not especially pleased with these today.  There are some successful parts and some not so much.  The idea was to choose leaves that were different colors of green.  I actually went shopping since there weren’t very many choices in the yard.  A little walk around the yard today revealed some good candidates though, so I will try some different kinds of leaves for my next session.

Peppers revisited

I decided to have another go at the peppers.  I like these so much better: more paint, better highlights, better shadows.

Tomorrow starts another lesson.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.


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