Geyser Country

How can one be so close to Yellowstone National Park and not at least have a look?  Since neither James nor I had ever been there, we decided it was worth a peak.  As we left behind the majestic Tetons, we noticed several differences right away.  First, there were many more people.  We met or passed bus loads of tourists and school children and parking lots everywhere were full of cars.  Second, the park covers considerably more square miles and the drive times to get from one place to another were long, especially considering all the “up to 1/2 hour delay” single lane road work on many of the roads.  Third, while there were still snow covered mountains on the horizon, those ever-present jagged peaks were absent.  In their place were wonderful cauldrons of bubbling water and mud with steam rising right out of the ground.  Some were quietly stewing while others were loud and enthusiastic and were aptly named.  Some were amazingly colorful with intricate formations that varied depending on mineral content, structure and life forms that survived there.  What a fascinating place.  And even though we kept seeing geysers, somehow they were all a little bit different.

Old Faithful

The edge of Grand Prismatic – fabulous color but too steamy to see the brilliant blue center

Mammoth Hot Springs Lower Terraces

Mammoth Hot Springs – upper terraces.  The spill from the geysers floods the trees, killing them and leaving these wonderful skeletons.

And finally, a movie for your viewing pleasure.


1 Response to “Geyser Country”

  1. 1 Ellen June 4, 2010 at 11:31 am

    so so so cool! love your pictures, mom!

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