I was tempted to post what I have posted in years past: lots of wonderful little shoots poking up out of the ground, daffodils and crocus blooming, trees budding out, you know, that sort of thing.  It is always very exciting when those things start to happen after our long winters, especially when my favorite, the blood root appears.  But I came upon something quite different and just as wonderful this year, though you may disagree.

Spring has come early.  Actually it has arrived on time, which is remarkable in itself since we often go right from winter to summer it seems.  Early warm temperatures were responsible for that, I think, and now we’ve settled into seasonal temps and the beauty of emerging life.  Mud season is over, the road has dried up and the grader appeared today to take care of the ruts and potholes we have gotten pretty good at avoiding.

I’m walking.  I’m glad I’m not training for anything timed because that would preclude the stops I make along the way to pick up trash, look for peepers and other trillers in the marsh, watch water skimmers, pause to listen to bird songs and spot these eggs.  Eggs hold such potential and there is a bit of mystery as to what will emerge in due time.  Don’t you wonder what kind of animal left these so carefully attached to submerged vegetation so they wouldn’t float away and be lost?  I do and I may just have to collect some to see what hatches.  The photo shows two of three fist sized clumps deposited in a small stream.  Will they be frogs?  Toads?  Salamanders?  Insects?  Stay tuned…


1 Response to “Spring”

  1. 1 Norma April 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Intriguing! Let us know if you figure out what they are.

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