Of trash, bluebirds and moose tracks

The weather has been incredible here in Vermont.  It has been unseasonably warm, almost summer like.  And I’ve started a serious walking regimen to prepare for an upcoming backpacking trip.  Most walking from our house is serious because of our elevation.  You either go up or down.  Flat is at least a mile away.

My first warm up was a trash walk.  Now that the snow is mostly melted, all the ugliness  is revealed.  It is amazing to me how much stuff people throw out of their car window – mostly beer/soda cans, cigarette cartons and food wrappers.  Why they can’t take it home and throw it away eludes me.  The beer I think I get – it doesn’t make it right but it is probably kids who buy a case, choose a back road, drink it all in short order, toss the empties out the window at fairly regular intervals and head back to town.  All I know is that I often pick up six of one brand on my trash walks.  Sadly, today, I picked up 27 redeemable cans and a full bag of other trash in a mile and a half stretch of road.  Walking there is much more pleasant now.

It was almost 80 degrees today and I spotted bluebirds down the hill a bit.  There were several and they were so brilliant against the drab landscape.  There were robins in our yard today and I’m hoping those bluebirds will work their way up the hill just like the robins and spend some time nesting in our boxes.  What a treat!

And finally, the moose are out and about.  There were several footprints crossing the road about 1/4 mile down.  We’ll be on the lookout for the real thing.


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