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Artist trading cards

15 little gems of artwork.  Want to trade?



Here is another little project that’s been sitting around.  The pumpkin and shadow were completed over a year ago.  I worked from a photograph manipulated in photoshop into light and dark values.  I made a pattern, cut it out and fused it all together.  After that, I got involved in other things.  Also some time ago – if you go back far enough in my blog you’ll find out exactly when – I dyed some fabric using Rit dyes.  Somehow the two projects ended up hanging around together and I decided they were a good match.

Fickle Spring

I know, it IS still April.  And at least we are far enough south that we’re not getting the 2 feet that is falling up north.  Our poor little ground feeding birds are finding a way to pick from the hanging suet feeders.  Hope they can hang on until tomorrow.

Another unfinished project done!

Finally, except that I think it needs some bugs.  I have a polymer clay dragon fly that doesn’t show up very well but it is the right colors.  I thought of ants… hmmm, do I still have those little plastic ones?  The problem is that they are the wrong orientation.  Could I cut them in half length-wise and sew them down that way so one can see them from the side?  And I have a beetle with the same problem.  Guess I’ll keep thinking.  Maybe I could make a fabric dragon fly that would show up better.

This piece was started in an online class with Pamela Allen.  You can see what it has looked like for the last year or so here while it has hung on my design wall and read some of the reasons why it is what it is.  It feels really good to have it finished.  Let me know what you think about the bugs.

Fabric projects

Ok, enough about little squiggly things I dipped out of the stream.  I’m letting them go because sadly, some of them have died.  I don’t know if they used up all the oxygen in the water or what but I hope some of them make it.  The clumps still in the stream are developing, just a bit more slowly.

On to what I’ve been doing on the sewing machine.  Some time ago, my friend Colleen referenced this blog that had directions for a little fabric basket.  With all the scraps I had left over from Ellen’s quilt, I thought it might be fun to try one before I put everything away.  Of course, I needed to tweek the directions because my squares were going to be a different size.  And then after I made one, I had to make a few more.  And then I thought a larger size would be nice.  Oh my.  Thankfully, I stopped myself from making a tiny one (but I thought about it)!  These two pictured here are going to a mystery home (I’m sure I’ll hear when they arrive) and if you want to make some, you can because they are easy and quick.  I might make a few more… but maybe not.  BTW, those pieced squares are about 1.25″; that gives you a sense of how big the finished product is.

I belong to the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild and this month’s meeting featured Joan Shay of Petal Play fame.  She uses a technique of fusing that allows her to sculpt her pieces into 3D.  She publishes lots of flower patterns and kits.  And they are lovely.  I am not a big kit or pattern fan but I thought her methods might be useful down the road, so I signed up for her workshop the next day.  Besides, a friend who I haven’t spent time with recently was taking the workshop and we had a chance to catch up a bit.

The class was in making Joan’s African Violet pattern.  Being the rogue student that I am, I didn’t want to make a kit and I didn’t want to make purple like everyone else.  I had taken some nice raspberry colored fabrics for the flowers and lovely soft greens and creams for leaves and background.   The flowers and leaves are all done with Joan’s Appli-bond technique and are not fused down to the background.  Instead, they are sewn on using embroidery floss in stem stitch and with the beads.  I had hoped to use French knots but I couldn’t get the pearle cotton I had taken with me through the special needle needed to go through the bonded pieces.  When I got home, I cut out a pot and fused it on to give it a sense of place instead of just flowers floating in the air.  The quilting also hints at a table and wall – seems much more grounded to me.  All in all it was a fun day.  My finished quilt is just under 12″x14″.

Mystery eggs day 12

Early yesterday I noticed that several of the hatchlings were twitching periodically but not enough to take a video.  Most of the tadpoles were hanging tail down in their clump.  But today is a different story.  Lots of them have hatched and are swimming about.  I still don’t know what they are but they don’t look like frog tadpoles to me.  Perhaps salamanders.  Definitely not insects!  Yay!

Mystery eggs day 9

Oh, it is hard to get good close-ups of these so you can see enough detail.  They definitely have tails and some look like they have a head and a body and maybe some tiny gills.  I don’t think it will be too long before they start wiggling.  You should be able to click on the photo and get a bigger version.  In my set-up, I can click on the larger picture and get even closer and scroll around.  Check em out.


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