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Thursday is the day I spend volunteering at Six Loose Ladies, our local yarn shop.  We’re a not-for-profit, none of us are paid, and we’re a wonderful resource and outlet for local fiber artists and producers.

Anyway, on my way our the door this morning, as the end of the Nor’easter was passing through, I saw this beautiful rainbow.  It was exceptionally bright and lasted a long time.  At one point it was almost complete, arching all the way to the other side of Okemo from downtown Ludlow.

I do a variety of things at the shop.  Along with selling yarn and patterns, I get to help folks who come in with projects in progress.  From deciphering directions, to teaching cast ons and bind offs, it’s always interesting.  Sometimes I get to teach someone how to crochet or knit – brand new beginners –  and we love how excited they are when they bring in their first completed project.

I also help out with the window display.  Sometimes it’s a struggle; sometimes it’s pretty easy.  Suzanne had a great idea for Christmas and by the time she arrived, I had the window empty and ready to go.  And this one went together like a charm.

Remember those  snowflakes I did a while back?  I stiffened them a few days ago with diluted white glue and they were ready for the charity wreath.  We added some silver ribbon and 5 precious felted snowmen who are sporting hand knit scarves and hats.  One even has a little cardinal friend perched on his head.  Pang and a friend made the snowmen, Suzanne and I dressed them with cute hats and scarves.  We hope our contribution brings lots of money at the auction.


3 Responses to “Images from today”

  1. 1 sue December 4, 2009 at 5:26 am

    That wreath is stunning. How can I bid on it or do I have to fly up there? I almost would do that. You could do very well making several and selling them.

  2. 2 Colleen December 4, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    The wreath is so pretty. It will be gone quickly, I’m sure.

  3. 3 norma schlager December 5, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Your wreath is lovely and sure to bring in good money for your charity.

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