More on sewing machine issues

Tomorrow is take-my-machine-for-service day.  Since I wasn’t able to resolve my tension problems, I figured that a good once-over would be a good place to start.  I want Jim to address my tension issues as well and so I have made a little tension sampler to show him.  This little sampler came from Sarah Ann Smith‘s new book Thread Work Unraveled.  In her book she discusses the basics of thread (how it gets to the spool, the different kinds, how to choose from the myriad out there), needles, the sewing machine, and how you work (ergonomics).  She also talks about applique and machine quilting.  The vast majority of the book is a reference text with only a few projects toward the end.  What a resource!

So here’s my little sampler done with regular everyday thread and with the two threads I want to use for my project.  I have to admit I’m relieved that my problem was still an issue as I made this.  Whether the technician can get the same results still remains to be seen, but at least I have something to show him to explain what I’m talking about.

And now for a peek at something I’m thinking about.  Looks luscious, doesn’t it? These are pieces of silk, some that I picked up in Houston and some silk strips from Stitches 2009.  Stay tuned.


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