When we added the screened porch to our home, it was to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the black flies and mosquitoes.  It has worked very well to that purpose, but yesterday and today it was keeping things in.  Here’s the story:  The door parts had separated  and the door was dragging along the deck floor.  It’s been that way most of the summer and we waited until the bugs were gone to take it down for repair.  It’s been in the shop gluing for a few days and yesterday I was surprised to find a small downy woodpecker trapped on the porch.  He was frantic, hopping along the screen and calling out.  I put on leather gloves and got a towel, gently covered him, pried him off the screen, and released him out the open doorway.  No harm done.

blue jay feathersI was surprised again today to find a little chickadee trapped inside.  I tried the same tack but I couldn’t pry him off the screen.  So I used the towel to move him toward the opening until he freed himself.  I thought that was it until I found these 4 beautiful blue jay tail feathers on the porch.  I guess he got trapped, lost his feathers trying to get out through the little holes of the screen, and finally managed to find the doorway.

I’m pleased to say the door is now repaired and hanging once more.  And the birds are safely outside where they are free.


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