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Beginner watercolor class day 2

onion watercolorI started in on the onions first off.  They were all sketched and ready to go.  As yesterday, I took a photo of my subject and the finished painting.  I’m sorry the subject picture is so out of focus, but unlike most of the time, I only took one shot so it is the best I have.  I’m mostly pleased with the onions.  It was a complicated composition and I left out a few of the onions in the back.  In the garden, this stalk was atop a thick stem growing in the center of each plant.  I’ve never seen quite an arrangement like this and it intrigued me.

onion subject

Maple leaves watercolorI had some extra time to do another painting.  I chose some fall Maple leaves.  This one was really a learning experience.  Bill wanted me to choose a subject that was large so I could practice making the washes that form the basis for the details, hence the large leaves.  You can see that I was marginally successful and there is a definite progression to the leaves as I worked through them one at a time.  I’m not very happy with these leaves but I’ve learned something about using a larger brush and creating a wash.

Maple leaves subject


Beginner watercolor class

Since I’ve been working more consistently in my sketch journal, I realize that I need some instruction and technical information about paint, water and paper.  I signed up for a beginner class with William Lambert of Massachusetts and today was the first of two classes.  One of the most valuable things he showed us today was how to mix many colors of gray – seems silly but it is very useful.  Also, I found  that it was very helpful to have good colors and the right paper.

We went outside to choose some subject matter.  I found an interesting sprig of milkweed and some onion bulbs.  The milkweed seemed a little simpler and I chose to start with that.  There are some things I like about my work today and plenty of places I could improve, but I’m learning lots of things by doing.  Here are photos of my subject and my painting.

milkweed subjetmilkweed watercolor

Tomorrow I tackle the onions.

18 Acorns

18 acorns

Journal Entry

Sept 22, 2009

Things I picked up on my walk

Beech seed pods and seeds, an acorn and a turkey feather (probably from the batch that wandered through the other day):

beech pods and seeds, an acorn and a turkey feather

Silly Fall Haiku

wild turkeys

Little barking dog

What could it possibly be?

Oh, look, ten turkeys.


Gray Plus One challenge

My friend Norma has posted pictures of the Gray Plus One challenge.  If you’re interested, you can check out her blog post to see all the other entries including mine.


Art Every Day Month



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