Monte learns to swim

journal pageMonte’s first experience with water was when she was still quite small.  We had traveled to Maryland where it was rather warm.  She was clearly uncomfortable because of the heat and on one afternoon, launched herself into our daughter’s goldfish pond.  She swam around a bit and we hauled her out when it became clear that she was tiring and had no way to get out because of the steep sides of the pond.  Then she went all winter without a swim.

When we planned our Hawaii trip, I made arrangements for Monte to stay with the breeder.  She lives on a working farm with sheep, cows and chickens… and six dogs, two of which are her siblings, and two others, her mother and a half sister.  Monte had gotten a bit prissy from the princess syndrome and she was in for an education.

Monte at Knapp PondLong story short, she did just fine, carving out a little place for herself in the dog hierarchy and getting familiar with the activities and particulars of farm life.  One of these is the farm pond.  After a few tentative paw tests, Monte joined right in on the pond fun and now she is quite comfortable in the water.

We took her to beautiful Knapp Pond in Cavendish, VT, partly so I could do some sketching and partly so Monte could show me how she swims.  One of her siblings was along too and they both had a great time in the water.  She proved rather proficient at retrieving a stick.


1 Response to “Monte learns to swim”

  1. 1 David July 29, 2009 at 2:27 am

    You spotted the Loch Knapp Monster!

    And nice sketch too 🙂

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