The Wood Lot

Way back when snow covered the ground, we saw a little ad in the local rag about State Forest land that would be available for cutting trees.  All we had to do was call to be put on the list and then wait for an assignment.  The original offer was for about 3 cords cut for about $10/cord.  We thought that might be an inexpensive way to get some fire wood so we signed up.  We also roped in some friends who heat their home with a Tarm wood boiler.

wood lot #3We waited several months to find out we were assigned a lot on the back of Okemo with about 5 cords of standing hardwood.  There are 5 lots in this parcel and our friends’ lot is just up the road from ours.  We went in early spring to check it out and were very relieved to find that ours was a nice level lot and everything is relatively near the “road”.  Our friends’ lot is uphill but gravity will help bring the wood down to where we can load it up.  No big equipment is allowed (skidders, tractors, front loaders, etc.) so this is not a walk in the park, nor for the faint of heart.

wood lot #3We solicited our son’s help and he gave us his 3 off days between shifts at the fire service.  The bad news is that it has been raining almost non-stop while he’s been here.  This morning, however,  the weather was just overcast and damp so welichens decided to see what we could accomplish.  We took 2 pick-up trucks, 2 chain saws, a pair of loppers, and the dog and decided to stick with smaller stuff since it was just the three of us.  When we arrived, our lot looked so different with all the leaves on the trees.  It’s a good thing  – that red three on that white birch.  We had to really look to find the marked trees now.

The woods were full of lovely things: Jack-in the Pulpit, Bluets, Foam Flower, and many species of ferns.  We saw some interesting moss and lichens too, but we were making way too much noise to see any wildlife.  James and his chain sawBy the time we were spent we had filled up both pick-ups, one with all the smaller stuff and one with all the large rounds.  Most of the pieces are not yet cut to size and those large rounds were heavy to carry out of the woods.  Cutting the lot is only half the job; I think we’ll be splitting logs for a long time.  Stay tuned…


1 Response to “The Wood Lot”

  1. 1 Steph May 31, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    I’m a little behind on my blog surfing – it’s been good to catch up! It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Baltimore – will they be staying in that area for a while? And congrats on Ellen’s graduation – you must be very proud. And first place in your age group. – Whhooooohoooo! 🙂 I never doubted you for a moment!
    And now you’re lumberjacks too! You guys never cease to amaze me!
    Hugs to you and Roger – have a wonderful trip to Hawaii!
    love ya,

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