Celebrations: A wedding and a graduation

We’ve been galavanting to these momentous occasions and not posting on the blog.  And in between the wedding and the graduation, we’ve been helping our kids out with house maintenance and outside chores.  It feels good to be home now so we can rest.

We’re very proud of our daughter Ellen and her graduation with honors from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.  I tried the video feature on my newish little point-and-shoot digital so I could share the moment here but you can see that I did a pretty bad job of videography and I didn’t start soon enough to get the announcement of her name.  But here she is getting her BSN and walking to her seat.

yellow shoesSomehow I always notice interesting shoes at graduations.  Maybe it’s because we usually don’t know very many people at these affairs and we do a lot of standing around, waiting.  These yellow shoes really caught my attention on several occasions because they really upstaged the rest of the outfit.  navy and white shoesThen there were these navy and white pumps that complimented the pieced sundress very nicely.  And finally, one of Ellen’s friends Leah was sporting these classy plaid sling backs.  They spiffed up the plain black gown just fine. (I’m sorry that the photo is a little blurry.)

It was a glorious day in Baltimore for the ceremony at the Lyric Opera House and dinner afterward at Phillips in the Inner Harbor.  We ate outside and enjoyed the rest of a beautiful day.
plaid shoes


2 Responses to “Celebrations: A wedding and a graduation”

  1. 1 David May 28, 2009 at 3:18 am

    Nice Mom,

    Great work on getting the YouTube video uploaded and embedded in your post!

    And congratulations Sven!!

  2. 2 Ellen May 28, 2009 at 7:33 am

    haha… i think you should have titled the post “shoes and a graduation”… where’s the wedding part?

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