Lesson 3 – fold, spindle, mutilate

lesson 3The main challenge of lesson three was to use 3D elements: to pleat, roll, braid, gather, drape – all the sorts of things that are unique to working with fabric.

I struggled a bit with this one. I made some cool medallions that I really liked and some textured fabrics, but I just couldn’t make them work. I was trying to do geometric shapes and for some reason I had selected a bunch of values of orange, a real departure for me. I was bored and frustrated with the way it all was not coming together. So I bagged the idea of geometric shapes, cut up my textured fabric to make dirt and a table. The medallions turned into fiddle heads and I chose a lighter valued background so they would show up better. I had done some green pieces for something else and liked what they brought to the project color wise. So I cut out a green pot and added some dimension. Now all I need are ants.

Everything is just pinned on here. I hope to get some things sewn down at some point but I’m behind for lesson 4. I’ll set this aside for now.


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