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Little visitor

squirrel footprints

I found these little footprints in the snow by the front door the other day. I am wondering if they are from one of the little red squirrels we see at the bird feeder . The wood pile is nearby and it’s been so cold. I’ll bet he’s been snuggled up in there staying warm, venturing out for a snack now and then.


My First Juried Exhibit

I’ve gone and done it – entered my first juried exhibit. And I heard yesterday that I was accepted. I have no idea how many people entered or whether any were rejected for that matter, but I’m excited none the less.

Back in the summer, I answered an offer from Cynthia St Charles for free tulle that was being given away. The pieces were factory samples and for the cost of postage, I could get an envelope of random pieces. It was suggested at that time that we consider making entries for the Salvaged Threads challenge that required the use of re-purposed fabrics, fabrics that had originally been for something else. My intent was to use some of the tulle I received even though in the end it was all the wrong color. I had ideas, made sketches, and even pulled things together way back in the summer. But then I procrastinated until after all my company went home New Year’s Eve. Fortunately the pieces were to be small or I would have been toast, especially since the deadline was Jan 6. I used trimmings from cutting a quilt down to size, fabric from worn out jeans, muslin from “muslins” that I made to fit my daughter’s wedding dress, an orphaned quilt block, and ephemera from various childhoods (mine and my kids’).

"Pockets" front"Pockets" back

“Pockets” (11.5″ square) celebrates the little stuff we find in pockets that later evokes memories of times gone by. When Ellen saw it, she said she recognized way too much stuff on the quilt. I hope it brought back fond memories for her. The orphaned quilt block is the backing and the label is another little pocket sewn to the back.

"Fragments" front"Fragments" back

“Fragments” (14″ x 9″) represents the snippets of continuum that we have for memories. It is quilted strips captured in tulle.

This group of quilts will be shown in two venues. From March 12-14 it will be at the Big Sky Quilt Retreat Show in Billings, Montana. From March 25 – April 25 the exhibit will be at the Toucan Gallery, also in Billings. If you have the chance, check it out.

Pillow cases for cancer patients

janet-and-group-making-pillow-covers-1-16-09I meet with a little group of traditional quilters on Friday mornings. More often than not we knit. But it seems that someone always has some show and tell and they are a nice group of local ladies. Yesterday we got together to make pillow cases to donate to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to their pediatric oncology department. janet-and-group-sample-of-pillow-covers-1-16-09I believe the pillow cases will be given as gifts to the patients when they go home so we were supposed to choose something kids might like. The choices I had were limited since I have very few pieces that are at least 3/4 yd in my stash. I bypassed the vegetable print in favor of some bright dots and stripes. We all had a good time and the pillow cases are all fun.

Playing Catch-up

Christmas has come and gone. We’ve said goodbye to 2008 and welcomed a brand new year. And here I am playing catch-up.

We had a houseful for a week – wonderful times with family. I’m so glad my brother thinks that it wouldn’t be Christmas without coming to Vermont. It makes my holiday too. Sadly, we neglected to take the proverbial family photo this year. Maybe next time.

tree top angelSo what have we been up to besides feeding people and doing laundry? Our daughter made a batch of cinnamon ornaments this Christmas for a little tree she and her husband bought. She’d been looking for an appropriate tree topper for a few weeks. We were together for Gramie’s burial recently and we saw a crocheted angel that she thought would be perfect. “Can you make one of those, Mom?”

I’ve crocheted snowflakes out of cotton thread before. I’ve made lots of them actually. So I went on the internet to find a pattern. They were all bigger than I had hoped, so silly me, I thought I’d just use thinner thread and a smaller hook. What was I thinking?! It took me a while but I managed to get all the parts done before company arrived Christmas Day. We stiffened it with diluted white glue and I sent it home with her. I’m waiting for pictures of it sitting atop her little tree. In the mean time, here’s what it looked like on top of ours.


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