Paste Paper

It’s been a while since I’ve updated but I’ve been busy making paste paper. When I made the book with Pang a few weeks back, I was really excited about her beautiful and complex paste paper from which she allowed us to choose. She promised to show us how to make it and I’ve had a very good time. It is not a quick process, as some of the papers required up to 6 layers of paste paint and texture before they seemed to possess the desired depth and beauty. Fortunately, Six Loose Ladies‘ workroom was free for an extended period and we were able to leave wet paper out to dry and come back daily to add more paste paint. In the end, and I really had to make myself be done, I made nine sheets, 10 thumbnails of which I’m posting here. Click on each one for a larger image.

Paste paper is really an exercise in un-painting, since the paint is put down and then scraped off in various patterns and textures. Subtle images remain from lower levels, some more vibrant than others depending on the value and opacity of that layer, and some are almost completely obscured but add depth and beauty. It is hard to explain how fun this really was and the things I learned by taking risks – once you put down the next layer, the character of the paper is changed forever. Pang has promised a box making class where we can use our newly created papers. And I’m hoping to make more books soon too.


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