The Bear Comes Back

Back on April 21st I posted about a bear who visited us overnight, emptying our bird feeders and bending the wrought iron pole to the ground. Last week he returned, having made the rounds of the community buffet I suppose. The scene pretty much looked the same as last time: mangled feeder on the ground and bent over pole. But this time I almost caught a glimpse of him. It was late at night and I was coming back to the house from my studio in the barn. As I opened the outside door, I heard lots of scuffling in the yard, not the deer-gracefully-bounding-away sound, but some heavy moving. Of course, at the time it was too dark to see the feeders, especially coming from “well lit” into “darkness”. Only in the morning did I notice the mayhem, and recognize the noisy visitor.

So the feeders are gone for the summer – not a bad thing, but I am missing my goldfinches and nuthatches. However, we’ve noticed that the hummingbirds are sipping at the rhodies in the yard and I’ve set up their feeder, hoping that the bear doesn’t have a sweet tooth. This photo was taken through the screen so it has that brushed appearance, but you can still see his ruby red throat and long bill. These guys will provide much entertainment as we head into summer.


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