Bird lovers and faint of heart – beware.

I saw something today that I’ve never seen before: a squirrel eating a bird. We have a few little red squirrels that have frequented our bird feeder through the winter. They are quite fun to watch and thankfully not as obnoxious as the bigger gray variety.
Today, this little guy was munching on the deck as I was about to leave the house. I’ve never seen them eat anything so large, so I watched him for a while to see what he was up to. Then I saw it was a bird that he had. From inside the house it was hard to tell what parts he was eating, but as I left and moved slowly by him I could see (and hear) him munching feathers and the beak. When I got too close, he grabbed the whole thing in his mouth and scampered off the deck.
Did he kill the bird? I don’t know. Did the bird fly into the window and die and the squirrel found the feast? Perhaps. And I guess there must be nutrients in the beak and feather shafts that he needed.
UPDATE: If you’re wondering if I faked that photo somehow or if you just want more information, check out this blog I found. It’s an informative post with lots of comments. Our squirrel is not unique and perhaps even caught the bird himself. Who knew?


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