Simple Felted Vessel Class

Today was fun. I have admired Jen Leak’s felted vessels in the Six Loose Ladies shop for some time now. Some are whimsical and some are innovative, but all are beautiful. So I took a class with her to learn how to make one.

We started with dyed wool batts, a ball, dish soap and warm water. After layering three colors of wool over the top of the ball, we encased the whole thing in the panty part of old pantyhose, tying off the legs and tying the top tightly closed. After two more layers of pantyhose we were ready for the felting process to begin. In a dish pan with a small amount of hot water and enough dish soap to make the water slippery we wet our ball and gently pressed until some of the fibers began coming up through the nylon. We carefully peeled off the pantyhose and began working the felt by rolling and squeezing it. As it shrunk and thickened we could start thinking about the finished shape.

After rinsing out the soap, steaming allowed us to shape the base over containers and to form the final shape of the sides using utensils to mold curves, folds and ridges. Now it just needs to dry.


1 Response to “Simple Felted Vessel Class”

  1. 1 Sue Miller April 7, 2008 at 6:12 am

    you are doing such fun things . I really really want to take some classes . I was all registered for a silk painting class and had some preliminary drawings ready and then it was cancelled due to lack of interest…..I emailed the instructor to see if she is teaching elsewhere but haven’t heard. Much of my “stuff” is still in boxes awaiting a permanent place. Is it spring yet???

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