Kentucky visit

Last year, Liz and Paul bought a small farm in southern Kentucky. It came complete with a young horse named God’s Will and they’ve been spending large blocks of time there, dividing their time between the farm and Florida. Last week we were invited to visit and check out their new little spread.

rolling hillsThe weather proved less than lovely: damp, gray and overcast, with periods of rain and snow alternating. Several days we had a dusting of snow in the morning and the day we left, everything was white. Needless to say, our Florida family is thrilled to experience winter at their home but we were missing our lovely, cold and crisp New England.

Liz and Paul showed us around and the countryside is lovely, in spite of the weather, with beautiful rolling hills dotted with livestock. GeocachingWe had a thorough tour of the property, including a hike down to the creek that flows along one side. We went geocacheing in the state park nearby and found two of the three caches we searched for. We had a pit BBQ lunch at a restaurant called Big Moose and ate fried pickles at Little Taste of Texas. We went to visit God’s Will at the farm where he is being broken and trained. Fried pickles at Little Taste of TexasDeb, the trainer calls him William and he peeks out his little window to the outside when Liz calls his name. We watched Liz, Paul and Steven’s first riding lesson: learning how to brush a horse and tack up. We put together jigsaw puzzles and played games and generally had a wonderful time with each other. It was good to spend time together since it’s been a while.God’s Will

On several of our jaunts, we drove by agricultural fields with large flocks of large gray birds. Most of the time they were too far away to see well, but we came to a corn field where they were close to the road and we could get some photos. How fun to see these large flocks of migrating Sandhill Cranes on their way from Florida to their Canadian breeding grounds. We heard their rattling call and saw the graceful display dance they do. What a treat.

Flock of Sandhill Cranes

We returned home to a foot of snow and more is expected tonight. Spring is still far away but it feels good to be home.


1 Response to “Kentucky visit”

  1. 1 Liz Curasi March 5, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Great entry about our beloved KY…The pix were good also! Love, Lizzy

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