Winter continued

We’ve been away for a few days. Most people go someplace warm and sunny to get away in February. We chose to go to Kentucky. Further south, you say. Must be warmer. That’s the theory but in this case not so. We had 5 days of clouds and damp dreariness, sometimes rain and sometimes snow. And cold. Our Florida family, who recently bought a small farm there are thrilled with their new-found winter. But we missed our cold, crisp days. And in fact, we missed 12 inches of snow.

We had arranged to have the driveway plowed while we were away. It’s good we did or we would not have been able to pull in. With the 12 inches of snow plus the drifting, snow was easily 2 feet deep. And we arrived home in the dark. But the downside of having the driveway plowed is that there is no place to push the snow. Yes, we could pull up to the front steps, but there was also a very large pile of snow blocking the garage door. When I stepped out of the truck, I sunk in up to my knees and waded to the front door. And I was wearing clogs, you know, so that the airport routine would be simpler. I shoveled a quick path so we could pass in the bags and groceries, then proceeded to clear the steps. Roger had dreams of moving the massive pile so he could get the truck in the garage. Alas, I persuaded him to wait until morning.


So this is what it looked like this morning. You can see Roger is almost finished with the huge mound. And we’ve shoveled out the paths to the barn. But the mounds of snow are taller than the truck and almost covering the windows on the side of the house.


Our birds are a little confused about the approach to the feeder. When it is empty, I’ll be crawling on top of the snow to fill it. That works better than sinking up to your hips trying to walk there.

I’ll try to post pictures of Kentucky tomorrow.


1 Response to “Winter continued”

  1. 1 Ellen February 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    yeah for snow! it looks like icing 🙂 love you!

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