Fractured Quilts 2 Challenge

I’m finished! And 2 weeks before the deadline! Must be some sort of record for me.

The idea was to make a quilt top (divided into 4 predetermined sections) of a designated flower photo, send it off and receive a basted top that contains four different section by four other participants. We were then to finish the quilt and post pictures. You can see the four sections I made and submitted here. This is the top that I received. Makers of the sections clockwise from top left are Judy Whitehead, Kathy Leever, Sandy Sue Anderson, and Priscilla Stultz.

fractured quilt top

To me, the whole idea of a fractured quilt is diversity, each participant interpreting the subject as they see fit, yet knowing that their piece will be part of a greater whole. With that in mind, I wanted to preserve as much as possible the pieces as they came to me.

After adding small pieces of fabric and extra stitching to places where the petals didn’t match up, I decided that the quilting would have to be the unifying factor. I heavily stitched the center with several colors of thread. Then I outlined the petals and quilted them. A free-motion “leaf” pattern brought the backgrounds together. Finally I added beads to two of the sections which didn’t have the white accents. I chose different beads for each section based on the character of each one.

The quilt is finished with a thin orange flange and a narrow pieced binding. The binding is made from leftover squares that I used to make the background for the fractured pieces I submitted.

finished fractured quilt

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge details.

detail 1detail 2detail 3detail 4


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