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It’s still winter

rose hipsWe had some freezing rain today. I was thinking it would wash away the snow we have on the ground, but instead, it hit the ground and froze. Our driveway turned into a sheet of ice and the town truck was up our road three times this morning, laying salted sand. Then all that rain changed to snow. We didn’t get much, just enough to cover up all that ice that’s now lurking just beneath the surface.


Fabric Postcard Class

Yesterday I taught my first class at Six Loose Ladies, the fiber store where I volunteer. It was a class on fabric postcards – we made valentines. There were 8 ladies, ranging in age from 13 to 60 something. Fabric post cards by Jean, Ann, and TamaraIt went very well and I am so pleased with what my students did. There were no major mishaps with the fusible web and everyone was patient with using the equipment and the constraints of our unfinished classroom space. We didn’t have the facilities for lots of sewing machines so the class was structured as a mostly fused project. I did take my machine so we could sew a little around the edges.

Fabric postcards by Holly, Ann and DonnaWe started with a basic kit which included Peltex, backing fabric and the materials to make a very simple front design (background and a large heart). You can see from the photos that they started adding extras right from the get-go. Well done, ladies!

Fabric post cards by Zoe and Ann

My First Pair of Socks

my first pair of socksThey’re finished. Finally. I don’t remember when I started them but the first one took longer. The progress seemed so slow and I’d set it aside for a while to come back to later. But once I got the first one done, now that was exciting and I couldn’t wait to get to the other one. I also wanted to do the second one before I forgot how I did the first one.

The striping pattern turned out to be a little different, probably because I knitted looser the first time. The leg is slightly wider, hence the variegation worked out differently. I changed my style of knitting halfway through the first sock and the pattern turned out more consistent from there.

I’ll show them around the knitting shop and then send them off to Ellen… just a little late for Christmas.


mini mittensOne of my friends called me insane today. I have no idea why, except maybe that she is not a knitter… and she couldn’t imagine why anyone might want to make these precious little mini mittens from the Webs website. They are the perfect project for leftover sock weight yarn and take only minutes to make. And they look great hanging on the Christmas tree or as package ties, wreath decorations or whatever. Next up: mini socks! But I have to finish my full sized socks first.


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