A friend called yesterday inquiring of my well-being since I haven’t posted to my blog in such a long time. For all you faithful readers who think that I might have fallen off the face of the earth , don’t worry, I’m still here. Since early December I’ve been gearing up for the holidays – The first several weeks were filled with community activities: handbell rehearsals and concerts and fiber demonstrations at the Coolidge Homestead Christmas open house. Family at Christmas 2007The third week held a trip to CT for my semi annual cancer tests and doctor visits (all good news) and food shopping for the onslaught of family and friends coming in. Starting the 21st and through the 25th we were feeding and housing 11. New menu items every day and no leftovers! After the 25th we were down to 6 and then back up to 8 (plus our granddog) for a few days. The last of the company left today and the house is quiet … now we’re into laundry and cleaning up – just in time for overnight guests tomorrow.

The time with family was wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing. All our kids were here with husband and girlfriends; my two brothers with family came as well. The kids brought the Wii so between that, billiards, pinball, sledding, skiing, pinochle, Apples to Apples and eating we had some great family time. The older I get, the more I cherish these get-togethers. Life is short and these relationships are what’s important, not all the other trappings of the holidays. We are grateful to be together to celebrate Christ’s birth – the rest is just gravy.

So, on the threshold of the new year, we wish for health and happiness for you. The health part is unknown, but the happiness part is up to each of us – it’s a choice we make despite our circumstances. Robert Louis Stevenson said “Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.” We hope you play well.


1 Response to “Missing?”

  1. 1 stephanie December 31, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    Hey! Welcome back! I was missing you!!! Sounds like your holiday was just plain wonderful. Maybe next time I’m in an area where we have cell phone service I’ll give you a call and we can catch-up.
    Happy New Year!

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