I’m “it”.

Some time ago I was “tagged by Lesley. The idea was to list 6 of my unique traits (actually, she said idiosyncrasies) and then tag 6 other bloggers to do the same. I never published my list because I didn’t really know other bloggers to tag in return. Well, it seems that I’ve been tagged again , this time by Jane Davila and her tag requests 7 random facts. So I’ve decided to participate this time, even though I still don’t really know many bloggers. I read any number of blogs that are posted on the QuiltArt list, but I don’t know those people well enough to feel free to tag them. So here’s my list:

1. I like frogs (and lots of other crawly things). My two pets are frogs: Malachi and Clawdia, African clawed frogs who live in a little aquarium on my kitchen counter.

2. I sometimes catch flies and other insects for said pets.

3. My husband married me in spite of the box of rocks that came in the deal. (Well, maybe I forgot to mention it.) That box has moved with us each time we’ve relocated over the last 31 years. It contains specimens that I’ve found and they’ve come in handy on several occasions while substitute teaching in earth science. I’ve culled a few but I still have the ones I couldn’t part with.

4. Three years ago I ran a marathon – in Honolulu, no less. This is not particularly unusual, but I’m proud of it so it makes the list.

5. I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a park ranger. If I could lead two parallel lives, I might pursue that path.

6. I don’t like coffee.

7. My morning wake-up routine includes cereal, a sudoku, a crossword puzzle and a cryptogram.


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