Work days

We’ve been saving some tasks for when we have help, you know, the young, strong type of help. Our son and his girlfriend arrived last weekend. The idea was to chip the large pile of branches from all the trees we took down. I called the rental place several days ahead as they had suggested. No chipper available. Someone had rented it for a month! We could maybe get it for the day James was supposed to leave. So on to plan B.

We had had our chain saw tuned up and ready to go so we could cut up all those tree trunks we saved into log lengths, ready for splitting so we wouldn’t have to buy firewood for next year. The saw lasted a half day before refusing to start again. We had no new spark plug on hand nor the right tools for even getting the plug out. I’ll be taking the saw to Rutland for more work. On to plan C.

vegetable gardenThe excavator had left us a nice big pile of top soil so we could make a raised bed vegetable garden. We fired up the tractor, attached the front end loader and scraped away the grass. Under that innocent layer of green lurked rocks – BIG rocks and lots of them. We spent a couple hours digging those out and made a good sized pile to the side. We had thought that we would use lumber to raise the bed, but after taking in the size of the rock pile, we decided that we could build the sides up with a rock wall. Yes, insanity had set in by now. While I started on laying the rocks, James began moving the dirt. By mid afternoon we had a lovely bed all ready for vegetable planting in the spring. Hooray, something went off without a hitch. And yes, 95% of those rocks came from that little 20’x30′ plot!

The next task was removing an old TV antenna from the roof. Now that we have a dish, we don’t need it anymore – it received all of 4 stations. James – such a good son – climbed up on the pointy peak and removed said antenna with the help of dad sending up encouragement and tools as needed. Another job completed.

stage twoBut it wasn’t all work. We celebrated Roger’s birthday too and on Sunday we decided to try some geocacheing in the neighborhood. The first one was a multi-chache – a series of three. The first one leads you to the second which leads you to the third. We came close to giving up on the second one – we thought we had looked everywhere possible (hint: When this happens, switch looking to a different plane). But we eventually found them all – actually Ellie found them all, and she’s never been geocacheing before. We were struggling a little with learning how to use the new GPS unit – it’s tricky in the woods. We had the granddog with us, and after a little swim in the stream for her, we headed out to the second hunt for the day. This one took us to the top of Mt Okemo.

view from Okemo fire towerJames and Ellie atop the Okemo fire tower

While we were up there we decided to climb the fire tower since it was a fabulous fall Vermont day. The view from the top was spectacular (yes, we could see Mt Washington) and well worth the trip. Oh, and did I mention that Ellie found this cache too? I think it was all the excellent directions we were giving her. Or maybe it was just her eagle eye.


2 Responses to “Work days”

  1. 1 Ellen October 2, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    is that in the middle of the sledding hill?!?

  2. 2 Stephanie October 2, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    Hi! Wow – there’s alot going on up your way! Glad to see you are out geocaching when you have a chance. We’re planning on heading out again this weekend and are hoping to take some Sower buddies with us. What GPS did you end up getting?

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