Progress 21 -goodbye ghetto garage

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our construction. The painters are here as I type. They finally figured out how much acid to use to scarify the concrete so they could put down the epoxy based paint with some assurance that it would indeed stick. The third time was a charm, putting the acid down full strength instead of diluted like most of the instructions recommended. It’s going to look very nice but we have to wait for two coats and a long period of time before we can park on it. But, it’s been a year since we started this project. Another week or two won’t hurt.

ghetto garageThe excavators are long gone having prepped the driveway for paving as their final task on the way out. To do that, we needed to empty the temporary garage we had erected in the driveway to house all the stuff we had stored in the horse barn that we took down for the new construction. Our son James lovingly dubbed it the ghetto garage but it served our purpose well, even in the snow. We offered it to our builder to house the sand he spreads in the winter and he came with his trailer to haul it away. Fortunately he only needed to go about 2.5 miles on our narrow dirt roads. He had one of his workers precede him down the hill since he was a pretty wide load. There’s not too much traffic on our road and he only met one car, which kindly pulled into a driveway to let him pass. What a sight he was and a good thing it wasn’t windy.


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