Progress 19

We’ve progressed to digging up grass now. Yesterday the excavators finished up the leach field. You can see them sculpting the areas where the pipes lay and then the finished field. It made us feel like we should be at the beach building a giant sand castle. But no play here. This was serious business.

sculpting the leach field and installing the infiltrators and pipesfinished leach field

digging the tank holesetting the tanks This morning the monster ventured out into the lawn to dig the hole for the two septic tanks. These weigh several tons each and the man who delivered them had a cool little remote device for moving the crane to position the tanks. The excavators worked to get the hole just the right depth and perfectly level. Once both tanks were set in place, they started digging the trench to lay the pipe that would connect them to the drain field. By the end of the day the tanks and the drain field were one.

trench to the leach field

Tomorrow they dig more trenches and unearth the old system. Stay tuned…


1 Response to “Progress 19”

  1. 1 David September 14, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    Hi Mom,

    Thanks for the update. I really like the tall picture. great colors and all! very nice…

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