I’ve just spent 2 days with our friends Gary and Steph at their family cabin in Vermont. It’s always fun to spend time together and this time they introduced me to geochaching. It is a new sport using a GPS unit to find treasure boxes that people have hidden all over the world. You can read more about it here. Gary and Steph have been geocaching all over east of the Mississippi and were eager to see what was hidden in the Connecticut River Valley near their cabin. Gary chose a stack of possible finds, ten of which we were able to fit into our schedule. Some were easy and some were quick. Others took us considerable time to hunt down and one sent us on a lovely hike through the woods. All were fun and only one eluded us. The containers ranged from film canister size to ammo boxes and included a snuff can, a Gatorade cannister, Tupperware and various other waterproof containers. We found them in trees, under rocks, in cracks, behind guardrails, under logs… you get the idea.

geocache in treegeocache under rocksgeocache in crackgeocache under logs

This was so much fun it could be addictive. I’ve got a stack of coordinates for caches hidden near our home. Time to do a little research on GPS units.


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