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Progress 10

The drywallers from the last post are NOT paid by the board. We met with the company owner today and he explained that they are paid by the job, so it was not to their drywalling stiltsadvantage to use up the boards. They did in fact do a very good job. The owner explained that with drywall, one can expect to “waste” 10%. If your job calls for 200 boards, there will be 20 in the dumpster (albeit in smaller pieces). This is “ok” since the joints are where failures will occur if they do, and the less joints, the less possibility for failures. I still think it is outrageous, but those are the facts. My apologies for maligning the drywallers.

With all those 90% boards hung, the tapers arrived today. I’m posting a picture of these cool drywalling stilts. They make hanging and taping ceilings much easier. I’ve watched them in use before and they are the coolest things, great for anyone who is height challenged but I imagine they take some getting used to. If I didn’t think I might end up in the emergency room, I’d be tempted to try them in the off hours.


Progress 9

drywallYou can see that the drywallers have been at work. This is a view of the garage part and the huge pile of trash (the pile that didn’t fit in the dumpster!). I am embarrassed and dismayed at the amount of waste there is here. This pile is the size of a small car and I find it hard to believe that these guys could not have made better use of the materials. They actually ordered more boards than the original contractor estimated – and look what is left.  They are almost finished: only one more closet upstairs to be done. We will be glad to see them gone. They play their music very loudly and keep the most irregular hours. They would have been done several days ago if they had just come and worked full days.

Progress 8

barn 6/8/07Construction continues. This was our glimpse coming up the road after 9 days away.

The siding is almost finished and the insulation is all installed. Drywallers are supposed to come tomorrow and perhaps the painters will begin outside after the last little bits of siding are put up.

It’s been a while…

We’ve been out of town for several weddings two weekends in a row and visits with friends and family from Boston, MA to Chattanooga, TN and back. So here’s a picture sampling:

Full moon over Manchester-by-the-Sea beachVirginia countryside whizzing by

The full moon over Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea and the Virginia countryside whizzing by the car window as we drove south.

butterflyorange spotted butterfly

Two butterflies from the butterfly garden of the Chattanooga aquarium. You can see they were quite friendly, willing to perch on one’s finger for a closer look. The aquarium gets pupa shipments from exotic locations once a week and they are stored in a special emergence room for hatching. The butterflies that hatch are released into the garden twice each day.

trigger fishsea dragon

And of course there were lots of fish in the aquarium: Shown here is a cool Trigger Fish and a fabulous Sea Dragon.


And frogs! Funny thing about this photo is that I thought I was taking a picture of one frog, but there are two, having a staring contest by the looks of it.
I failed to record our trip to Johns Hopkins School of Nursing where Ellen will be enrolled in the Fall and the crab feasts we had while in Baltimore on the way home. But it was a good trip and we accomplished a lot.


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