Red eftWhat a surprise to find this little orange fellow in the garden recently! Actually I saw three of them in the yard on the same day. I think the recent rain brought them out. Red efts are the land form of the red-spotted newt that lives in water and is quite prevalent in the Eastern US.

Seeing them reminded me of a story my mom used to tell about me as a little girl. We were camping and my brother and I were out and about, amusing ourselves. We found lots of these red efts in the woods, picked them up, put them in our pockets and brought them back to show mom and dad. Mom loved to tell that story. And I’ve loved finding red efts ever since. They make me smile.


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  1. 1 samptm May 19, 2007 at 7:57 am

    well !!! That certainly was an educational piece. I’m not sure what I’d think if I ran across one of those in the woods….I doubt I’d be too thrilled altho I’m sure I would think I had stumbled on something extremely rare and would have to preserve it to prove to others what I had seen. Nature is amazing and i thank you for adding to my knowledge of it. today is get in the pond day and move plants and try not to be too freaked out by whatever crosses my path. I’ll be wearing hip boots but the arms will be bare and I have to actually reach into that water. Somedays I think I should have given birth later in life and then I’d have a few teenagers around to do the slimy stuff…..or maybe that’s what grandchildren are for….I must import a couple. Cora is adorable and Andy would love to throw a ball to her. He so wants a puppy but his parents are being pretty sensible about it for now. enjoy your weekend. Sue

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